Sunday, 25 June 2017

NEST - Denmark

After our delay we were ready for our jaunt into Scandinavia proper and Denmark was waiting. So we went whizzing across the border, Crawlie purring the whole way. We decided a big of coast might be a welcome change so went to Rømø, a little island off the south west coast of Denmark.  It was raining and a bit grim and we really wanted to be uplifted but the tension, and cost, of last week was taking its toll. So our first night wild camping in the only spot we could find was a bit bleak but we woke the next morning to brilliant sunshine. The bikes came off the rack and we cycled round the island, oohing and aahhing at the huge, flat, wide beaches full of kite surfers and land yachters and a quaint little, white church filled with all things boat related! 

Spirits lifted we continue to another fantastic sight I'd found in Esbjerg called 'Man at Sea'. Giant white sculptures that I imagined in the sea, randomly dotted around but...this 100kms diversion to a nondescript town led us to a line of four huge, white men looking out to sea on a grass verge all in a line. A little underwhelmed. Shame really cos had the town been a bit more inspiring we might have stayed for a Rock festival that weekend featuring Mel C and Ronan Keating, especially after a lovely Danish man tried to lure us with lots of beer!
Brief mention of our next stop simply for the kid in us, because it was a place called Middelfart. Heehee. We actually stopped in a service station and got chips and ice cream from Burger King, lush.  

Then another diversion to see some spectacular white cliffs. We cross three little islands and head down to one of the most southerly points of Denmark passing sweet little cottages with thatched roofs and wooden tops. Mons Klint, the reason for our being here, were down 600 steps to a 3 foot wide stony beach. Literally 3 foot wide!!! We looked up at these white cliffs and both said, "not as impressive as the White Cliffs of Dover". But we walked a 5km loop along the beach and through the forest, it was pleasant enough but that's about it!

And finally, Copenhagen. What a great city. Different architecture, cobbled streets with a cafe culture, spectacular churches and cathedrals, street performers and the Danes like to party. We saw several party buses cruising around and groups of hen and stag parties all on bicycles with the hen/stag in a basket at the front being pedalled around. The area around Nyhavn was particularly interesting with the canal boats taking groups cruising and a picture perfect street of multi coloured houses. Apparently this area was regenerated in the 70s by some hippies but it actually felt quite cool, maybe I'm a hippy at heart?! 

We also saw the other obvious tourist attraction, the little mermaid. Another underwhelming sight that was completely over powered by so many tourists clambering over it for their photo opp. 

While we were in Copenhagen we stayed in a marina and had our first experience of motorhome racism. Maybe a bit harsh but the big old wagons certainly have some disdain for us smaller vans, even to the extent of being plain ignorant about double parking and not wanting to move to allow other vans in or out. But  we managed with our English charm and the help of some Germans in a little bitch VW and a friendly Portuguese couple in a slightly bigger MH.

We decide to take a bit of a short cut and head north in Denmark to Helsinborg and get a ferry over to Sweden. It saved us paying the €56 for the Øresund bridge and a few hundred kilometres of driving. Incredibly easy, 40 kms drive from Copenhagen, literally straight on to the ferry, last vehicle and 20 minutes later we're in Sweden. Let's see if Sweden is actually just the forest that we've been told it is. 

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