Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tulum, Tulum, Tulum-Tulum-Tulum-Tulum,Tulum, Tuluuuuuum, di, diddle, de dum.

Dar-de, dar-de dar-de DAR DAR DAR DAR, bum diddle bum bum...... Bum diddle bum bum......
Bum diddle bum bum......

OK enough of that. Tulum is nice. Something of a late addition but it's been fun. Here are the highlights.

Day one. Rachel's bum was covered in spots, mozzy bites, pustules, boils, lesions, swellings, pimples, blotches, rashes and....have I described the bomb site of buttocks enough? We had travelled overnight on an 11 hour bus journey and it had some sort of hissy fit so needed almost constant verbal reassurance of its beauty as well as having copious amounts of Germoline and bite cream rubbed in. A fun day made slightly easier by catching up on sleep and drinking rum and cokes.

Exact drawing off the offending arse
Day two. Walked out into the little garden of our studio apartment to find that the owner (whilst we were asleep) had dug a hole, purchased and planted a 10ft high palm tree.... "Rachel! Come here a second and see if you can see anything different"..... She couldn't!

Tulum Beach
Later went to see more ruins. These are on low cliffs overlooking the beach and sea and again have their own personality = Crowded! They are all lovely and bleached with big iguana's  clambering over them. But the thing i will recall is more the people. The others we have seen have taken some time and effort to get to but these are a short coach ride to a site just off the main road. Deffo a place to visit early in the morning or late in the evening but then the buggers charge three times the price (Archeological crooks!). Anyway, we had taken our cosies and spent sometime getting burnt on the wonderful beach close by.

Bathing in a Cenote
Day three. We have pushbikes at our apartment - heavy frames, fat, bald tyres, rusty basket, hand painted ones with no brakes. They do the job and today their job was to get us to some Cenotes about 5km away. Not the best examples of Cenotes but those too are pretty crowded so would lose marks there. These however were nearly empty. Cenotes are crystal clear pools or sink holes that sit on a limestone base and are fed by underground rivers of which some are traversable by scuba. They are cool without being cold, deep and have some tropical (but mainly brown) fish in them. Surrounded by the chirruping of the jungle and a warm sun overhead made this a lovely way to spend time splashing about in the water, jumping from platforms and worrying about passing water snakes

Tulum Ruins
Day four. Swimming with turtles.... Catch a colectivo to a beach 20km away. Short walk down a path where you bat off the men trying to persuade you that you need a guide and onto a lovely beach with palm trees, gentle lapping blue waters and a lot of people. We found a shady spot under a spare palm tree took our snorkels and masks and wandered about 300 metres up the beach where there we far less people. Didn't think we would actually see any turtles with all the humans about but suddenly, there they were. In all we saw about 10 turtles feeding off the bottom just a couple of feet below us. Not only turtles but a largish sting ray and various tropical fish. The turtles however are the main attraction. Wonderful creatures that are so at one in their aquatic world. Swimming effortlessly along, diving and coming up for air. Rachel summed it up as "One of the most wonderful sights in the world". Shame the camera didn't work.....Grrrrr

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