Thursday, 23 June 2016

High Seas Honeymoon

It’s been 8 months since getting married and we decided it was high time to have our belated honeymoon. Which, after a reckless moment, turned out to be a short cruise to the Bahamas and stay in a nice resort. Neither of us had ever considered going cruising – Neither as a holiday or seedy form of entertainment. But, the thought of walking the decks in the moonlight after dancing the night away was rather appealing. Hence, a couple of days later, we jumped upon public transport and arrived at our swanky ship on a bus (classy).

After being herded from one desk to another for check ins, restaurant bookings, shore excursions et al, us and our floral shirt clad compatriots were finally quartered in our respective staterooms (sounds so much better than windowless cabin) and, due to Rachel using the word ‘honeymoon’ when we booked we were given a bottle of bubbly to start the fun.

Thinking it only right we polished this off and then set off to start the eating fest that epitomizes modern cruises.  My word, were we out of our league for that! Food piled high and threatening collapse was shoveled upon plates and then set upon by seemingly starving people who then abandoned them partially eaten in order to construct equally momentous piles of desserts. All sloshed down with multi refill cokes and carbonated refreshments. Its funny how the idea of buffet dining differs to the reality. The idea, for me, is the pinnacle of eating concepts – wide choice, personalised portion control, efficient delivery, no tipping, chance to revisit old favourites. For others there does seem to another dimension. Namely, I’ve paid for as much food as I want so I will take (not necessary eat) as much food as I want.

Watching the gluttony was a difficult pill to swallow (just one more thing to eat really) and did make us feel a little uncomfortable but it is what it is and after all, these folk did pay for it. Just like we paid for the subsequent various rum and cokes and 12 martinis we devoured en route (let he who has not sinned cast the first stone).

All for us!!!
Anyway we lounged, ate, drank, watched the variety show (dancing girls, magic, men doing balancy things in leotards and a comedian) and although we danced the night away to an 80’s group and in the rave room and disco lounge we didn’t get to stroll the decks seeing shimmering moonbeams rippling on waves because it poured down. Ho hum. One highlight  was in the disco room where (after a slough in the dancing)  we got up  and partnered with two 80 year olds (oldest guests on the boat) wearing flashing, coloured sunglasses and got down to “the summer of 69” with my old gal even doing the air guitar move…Fantastic.

The following morning we docked in Freeport in the Bahamas and got transported to our hotel where we couldn’t get into our rooms for 5 hours. Its OK, We were warned so had packed appropriately, had received our all inclusive armbands and could sit around the pool/beach getting merry, eating and burnt. Yet again we had received an upgrade – this time on our room – which meant we were in a more select part of a huge resort, called Lighthouse Pointe, with larger airy rooms, a virtually empty beach, exclusive restaurant and less people tattoos.  All very nice.

I’m not the sort of man who usually kisses and tells but … It's a honeymoon for gods sake. So its fair to say that we made lots of love once or twice a day, supped on various cocktails whilst alternately sunbathing, reading or running for cover from a Caribbean shower. We swam in the infinity pool, bobbed about entwined in one anothers arms in the crystal clear and warm sea and generally sauntered around holding hands and being feeling lovely.
We have been together for 6 years now but to see us you would never believe it. Everyday is an adventure, everyday is filled with affection, consideration, passion and smiles. We have still never argued and still wake with a smile on our faces at the sight of one another. But you know what? Having said that, just knowing you are on honeymoon and married is a big endorphin-flooding thing and makes you feel special, other-worldly and beautiful and like giddy first-timers in their twenties we happily told everyone.

Pool sea and sky in harmony
I can’t actually tell you much about the Bahamas apart from what we saw in a short stroll to a touristy port and what I saw of the place during the transfer. The local people we did meet were laid back and friendly and the geography was pretty standard for the Caribbean although possibly wealthier than some other islands. Of the other tourists we met they were exclusively American by birth or choice and by nature or alcohol consumed, often loud and exuberant. Saying that we met a lovely couple of ladies (on a short break from their husbands and families) and shared stories and dreams and a fully moonlit evening with them before hurrying back to our huge bed…

Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of us together
apart from this one wearing our Nepal tee shirts
and taken for Uttam in Saping.
The cruise back was much the same as the outgoing trip although tinged with that end-of-a-holiday feel. And for some reason the people didn’t seem as buoyant as those on the outgoing boat (although they ate with last-meal fervour). This time, however, we did get that moon light walk under the stars and even soaked in a Jacuzzi.

So thank you Bahamas for a lovely time and thank you Rachel for a being a lovely wife x