Saturday, 30 August 2014

This is a true story...

The clear night sky was laden with stars. Orion stood proud amongst the southern constellations and the moon, but a sliver, stood in the side lines to allow that twinkling performance to be better seen. As Rachel and I sat there in the late evening looking up in wonder a shooting star rushed across the sky. We both made a wish. A few minutes later a further shooting star made its appearance and further wishes were made. Wishes are not for sharing and we both went to bed although it was plain that our wishes would not sleep.

The following day those wishes kept urging us to speak them aloud. They simply would not be held in and gradually we discovered that both our wishes were the same….

Two nights later I woke at 4.00am and looked out from a beach hut we were staying in up to immense sky above our deserted beach. The stars shone out so bright it took my breath away. I woke Rachel to come and see. Naked, we walked down onto the beach and lay on the sand wrapped in warm bedspread looking up in silence at the magnificence above. It was then that Rachel said “I don’t imagine we will see any more shooting stars tonight after seeing two the other night” and almost in answer to her words  a further shooting star fell through the skies and it was then that I asked if she “Rachel, under the light of a falling star, would marry me”……

She said yes! My Rachel said yes and held me and cried, we both cried, and logic and intellectual argument about who needs to be married was beaten away. We have told one another a thousand times of our love. But at the end of the day nothing says “I love you” more than publicly proclaiming your love through marriage.

We have been together for four years and in those years have learnt to live with our pasts and look to the future. We have never argued and have fitted so well it is impossible to imagine ever being or wanting another person. So that’s our news. Look upon us kindly. Know that our love is strong and vibrant and all consuming. It scares us with its ferocity yet we would not trade that raging feeling within for the world.

Please raise a glass in our absence and wish us well. When, where and how will follow once we know ourselves.

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