Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So good bye Chiang Mai. It’s been a blast.

7 weeks in this city has flown by.  At the rate we were going we could have stayed another year and not covered half the places that we would want to see. On our last evening we found a big indoor climbing centre which I would have loved to have had a go in! We also went to the Sunday walking street market, ate from stalls in the temples along the route, had a foot massage and went for a drink at the rooftop bar. The day before had a lovely meal with the remnants of the course, drank in a couple of bars and got very pissed at Zoe in Yellow a lively city nightspot and had a kebab then walked for miles to get home. The thing is you can do this stuff every night (see Sarah's facebook) and still only scratch the surface. It is a great place. Not beautiful but intriguing and welcoming and fascinating. Old mixes with new and the busy city stops in a few metres to become forest and jungle. The mountain overlooks all that is smoke covered and mad. We loved this place and look forward to returning where we will no doubt meet our college friends who have got jobs locally. Until that time we will say goodbye as the rainy season begins.