Monday, 7 January 2013

Just when you thought it was all over

Sorry, Just a quick one. I know the last blog was supposed to be a sign off to Singapore. But, as Rachel said were leaving in a couple of days and we had thought we had seen it all. However, we hadn't and since this blog is for us as well as you lot I have to add a couple of things

Gardens by the Park. An amazing botanical garden with a twist. The main features are, firstly, the two huge bio domes containing geographical environments much like the Eden Project. The difference being these are a bit funkier in design and have the addition of a huge cloud garden. A vertical garden of 30 metres. high. Outside the paths make circuitous routes through palm groves, soundscapes, fragrant gardens, huge scultures, beautiful lakes and general loveliness. The skyline of above all of this is the second main feature which are the Supertrees. 10 or 12 huge metal treelike structures of 50+ metres covered in foliage and supporting between them an arial walkway. The largest of these houses a restuarant and rooftop garden bar. At sunset we found ourselves sitting with cilled wine in this fabulous setting drinking in the amazing views over both the city and the boat laden sea feeling just a little bit special and thankful to be able to be there together. Later, because the park doesn't close till 2.00am in the morning we ambled around in the warm darkness, drinking in the smells and watched the multi-coloured lightssparkling on a group of night flying kites
And finally (really this time as we fly in 60 mins) I know its only an airport. But as a final reminder of the perfection of this place we have to just mention that if you come to singapore and can't find a hotel then just stay in the airport where there is a gym, airport wide free wi fi, A Koi pond and orchid garden, a free cinema, free multiple gaming stations, gentle soothing music and friendly border staff. The check in queues move quickly, you can go outside to a sunflower garden and the restaurants don't rip you off. Don't they realise they a not improving my travel experience but rather ruining it for ever after. Bastards!

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  1. I know it's a bit late to make a comment, but could you get some seeds from those trees cos I would love to piss off my neighbours by having the biggest tree and cutting of their light.