Friday, 4 January 2013

Goodbye to our life of luxury

Well our time is almost up in singapore and its been another experience. When Chris and I first arrived we were impressed with the place and we still are. I have had several changes of heart about the place along the way. After about 2 weeks I was getting itchy feet, wanting to move on and see the next thing. Thinking I'd seen everything here and felt like I was wasting time. But as the last few days here are rapidly approaching I am glad we have had this opportunity.

We have got used to the constant hot water showers; not having to sniff test clothes because you know they have been washed; being able to make a cup of tea when you want; not having to pack a back pack every couple of days; cooking your own tea, beans on toast if you want it; fast reliable Internet connection 24/7; soft comfy bed and pillows with no bugs and a snuffling dog laying on your feet. All the things you might take for granted. The only trouble now is that as leaving all this approaches ever quicker it is getting harder to give up.

When we left England in October that was difficult enough. Leaving family, friends, home, jobs. Now we've had a short taste of travelling and the excitement and the difficulties it can bring, followed by the luxury of staying in a home. The first time was nerve wracking, exhilarating, scary but we took each others hands and did it. This time we have an inkling of what awaits us. The dodgy hostels with grubby sheets, hours on appalling poor roads in hot fetid buses, the upset tummies, running out of clean clothes, no shampoo left, random connections so you can't communicate with anyone at home. We also now know about the beautiful people we will meet, the diverse culture we will see, the delicious food we will sample, the amazing sights that we hope to see and maybe some friends we will make on the way.

So in three days time the backpacks will be full of fresh smelling clothes, toiletries replenished and we will take each others hands again and head off to Hanoi for the next part of the World Adventure. It is a little scary but also exciting. We hope that you've enjoyed the last three months with us and that you will continue to read and comment on the blogs as we dive into the next part of the road less travelled, well less travelled for older idiots like us!



  1. Next chapter commence!

  2. I have to say those pictures of the garden had my flabber well and truly gasted. I think I can appreciate the mixed feelings about moving on but that is what the experience is all about so as I have said before enjoy it. Chris's hair looks really lovely! especially as it cost him the princely sum of about £1.00, he must stop these budget busting expenditures. Speak to you soon and enjoy Vietnam.