Saturday, 15 December 2012

Another night in Bangkok and on to Singapore

Arrived back at Bangkok Hua Lanphong Rail Station, crossed the road to our upper class hostel and just about managed to stay awake long enough to eat food before falling asleep at 9.30pm - Rock and Roll. The following morning we have several hours to kill before flying to Singapore and since we have pretty much done all the normal stuff in Bangkok (Temple, Temple, Temple, Khao San Road, Royal Palace, Temple, Patpong, Canal ride, Temple, Markets etc.) when we were here in Feb we went in search of some wierd shit! After a little jaunt on the River Ferry we found it in the shape the Forensics and Pathology Museum in the Bangkok Hospital. Here we looked on with slightly horrified, certainly intrigued, quite honestly voyeuristic eyes at malformed babies in Formaldahide, Siamese twins, Embalmed rapists and a canabalistic mass murderer from the 50's. We looked at long tape worm samples and pictures of them spewing forth from some poor persons arse. We looked at multiple skulls, hearts, livers with bullet holes in them. We saw gruesome pictures of car crash victims and preseved, diseased body parts - the highlight being an elephantitis sufferer with a huge testical measuring about 24 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches and weighing something like 60lbs. Quick dinner then off to the airport using the fabulous MRT (metro) system and the airport express link line which was spotless, virtually empty, offered pre journey check in, comfortable seating, clear signage and a 20 minute journey from the heart of Bangkok to its glittering glass and steel halls of swanky shops and classy decor - fabulous looking and expensive!

Singapore airport at 11.30pm and this too is wonderfully efficient and uber modern. We join a queue of about 100 people waiting for taxis and are processed in 10 minutes by smiley staff. Our hostel, booked on line, and ill researched cost S$50 and it was only after we paid that we were shown to the last room avaiable. Sorry last cupboard available! 8ft by 8ft, no window, single beds, squeaky frames, lumpy damp matresses, no en suite and light swith outside (it really had been a cupboard). We are tired, hot and sweaty, it is late and incredibly humid so we do our best to grab a couple of broken hours sleep before we can escape to go to our house sit.

The morning comes with rain and an hour journey on Singapore's MRT system. Again brilliant, clean and a pleasure to use. But the city outside the windows - Wow! No other way to describe this incredibly manicured, spotlesslessly clean, ergonomically designed city. Its like watching someones creation in that computer game Sim City - Straight highways, manicured grass, coiffured trees, wonderful buildings and clean cars and buses and lovely backdrops. This will be an experience we are looking forward to as we have 25 days here in an apartment.

We are housesitting for a canadian couple who live here and have responsibility for their home and their dog whilst they are on holiday in Bali. The dog - Bella, is a fat but quite loveable Spaniel who is talented at eating and sleeping. The apartment is on the 15th floor of a swanky towerblock in a good part of the island. The apartment has three bedrooms, spacious lounge, dining area, kitchen and three terraces looking out in three directions across the city. There are loungers on two whilst the third is a sort of garden cum dining area with big pot plants and barbeque So we will have loads of space to utilise in our time here as well as enjoy the free gym, two swimming pools, putting green and tennis courts that are for the tenants.

We feel we have have hit gold and are very happy. Lisa and Scot are lovely and have prepared a comprehensive dossier with all the info we could need as well as two payg phones with credit so we can both have one, prepaid MRT passes, Christmas presents and even aranged a cleaner. We are thrilled and cant wait to  explore the city tomorrow. More in a few days

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