Friday, 9 November 2012

Jodhpurs derive from Jodpurian leg wear

Jodhpur - The Blue City. So called because the area was originally populated by the the highest castes - the Brahmin who traditionally painted their house blue. The preferred colour Indigo is also said to repel insects although sitting here this evening i have seen flies, mossies, ants so who knows.

Just one note on sitting here. Because of Diwali i assume there is, about every 3 minutes, a really loud banger going off at different points around the hostel that makes everyone jump. The most jumpy which is slightly sick but still funny are two girls from Israel who live near the Lebanese border! Bang! Oy Vey!

Second note. I have just ordered a meal special which includes Special Naan (nice), Saffron rice (fragrant) and Vag Kofta with Rich Grave (Urrrm)

Our guesthouse is tucked away in tiny alleys that the Tuk Tuks cannot get to because of both their narrowness and gradience so had to haul bags uphill. Looked somewhat dodgy to start with but thrilled with yet another find by chief hostel finder Rachel who scored again at 550 Rupees for the night in a very nice bright blue room that has a shower with a toilet and sink in it. Its like being on the bus again.

Jodhpur is a bit of a wild card and we have really enjoyed our 24 hours here. Today we hiked up to the fort which is the biggest in rajastan and very interesting with amazing rooms, views, cannons and history. Met the Court Artist who is renovating all of the wall paintings around the fort and he showed us in some closed to the public rooms that he was very proud of.

OK i am handing this over to Rachel to finish cos she keeps asking me if i am going to mention this, or that, or something else.

i just wanted to make sure that Chris mentioned that Jodhpur was an unexpected pleasant surprise. we had intended for it to be a stopover to make the journey to jaisalmer a little easier but i have really enjoyed the gentleness of the place. and also the fact that i thought i was going to die when i saw the steep incline we had to go up with our backpacks on. i really did get to the hostel and then saw the steps up to the reception and could not breath. they took pity on us and gave us a room right next to reception so i didnt have to go up anymore steps. thank the lord!

One last thing... Chris was cynical, I wasn't and I had my palm read by, no less, the Maharajas Palmist. He looked at my right palm for several seconds and then at my face for the next five minutes whilst he told my past and future... Apparently I get depressed and am bossy, i have low blood pressure and suffer from allegies, I should have had two children, will live to 84, am career minded and analytical and will work hard for the next two years and make my fortune by 55...What a load of bollocks. I am with cynic Chris on this one.


  1. You're staying in Smurf town! Hi you 2. Still sounds amazing. We're together in Bury today. Had lovely spa day at Clarice House (Christmas present from my parents). We were round the pool all day and not one organ stop rendition of Doh Ray Mee. We miss you both. Please please keep to the big font! Much easier for us older readers.

    So, just had our M&S meal deal with bottle of wine for a tenner (closing the gap on your dining out), watched a rubbish film and thought what shall we do before we go to bed? And you 2 came up. Chris you are becoming more eloquent with each entry.

    Lol (the Cameron definition) Melanie & Gary xx

  2. Just love your palm reading, can't see you working hard for the next two years unless choosing where to go and sleep and eat is working. The only bit that is true is the bossy bit, as Chris has to yet find out. Have fun speak to you soon.
    Luv Mum and Dad

  3. Just caught up on a few of your days - love the Water Palace photo and have downloaded it as a screensaver, Its looks so beautiful and peaceful. You seem to enjoy embarrassing poor Rachel with her 'pee pee' dilemmas, so listen up Rachel, dish the dirt on PJs next pee in public predicament...... And give him a pat on the back for full use of the his ipads thesaurus. India is a better place for having you there exploring it and we all miss you and love reading your blogs and beautiful pictures t go along with the narrative. NEAT X

  4. You had your palm read! That's something I'm yet to do, partly out of cynicism and partly, I'll confess, out of a silly fear that I may not like what I'm told.I'm enjoying reading your blogs, stay safe and have fun :)