Friday, 2 November 2012

I love this place TOO!


On way to airport at Goa we saw Chris Tarrant on a bridge filming something. Unfortunately didn't get in on this shoot. At the airport bumped into Rachels boss's wife who had been doing a charity bikeride (Whats the chances). The Roads here are even crazier than anything we have yet sampled. Absolute madness with honking of horns, dirt and dust and exhaust fumes filling the air, bikes, people, cars, buses, camels, elephants, dogs, pigs and cows all thrown together and moving in different directions, at different speeds with different degrees of concern for themselves or others. I cannot convey the frenetic lunacy of the roads with people having scant regard for traffic signals, distinctions between roads and paths, directions of traffic or care for life and limb. Having said that it is fabulous and exciting and terrifying and wonderful to behold. The Pink City portion of Jaipur is a warren of little streets completely overun with bikes and people. Shops spill out onto the street, cows wander into shops, everyone is just getting by in the best way they can and walking the roads is like being in the worlds largest carboot sale. Hose shops next to gun shops next to tv shops next to sweetshops next to hammer shops next to sari makers next to jewellers next to car sprayers etc. The city is just overwhelming to see in action and then there are the places that just take your breath away because of there beauty, majesty, grandness. We are in a lovely little hostel but there is only us and the family which consists of a reitred leiutenent colonel and his botanist professorial wife and house boy to serve us. The room is lovely, the company stimulating and interesting and the value very good. Arvind is doing yoga on the roof terrace with rachel and i at 6.30am tomorrow. Today we saw the Water Palace which was captivating and serene. A beautiful structure seemingly floating on the waters of the lake set amongst the hills. Later we went to the Amber Fort. A huge, impressive and fascinating building with terraces, squares, and crenalated walls, frescos, steps and tunnels. We ambled around for a few hours taking in breathtaking views and stunning architecture. This is a must see place for those of you who are planning to visit India. Tomorrow we will be trekking all day again and hope to report on even more wonders.


  1. Wo's crenelated mean? Once again looks like you are having a great experience, just luv Chris's man bag I am so envious. Mum wants to know where Rachel got that skirt and top from cos she reckons that was probably not in your backpack. Your backpacking experience will become a suitcase experience if she keeps buying clothes.

  2. Great reviews of all the sites etc and general comments on the places you stay, if this works as a travel guide would it help to be a little more specific on the places your staying. Still jealous and have you eaten any ,eat yet and if not where you getting the protein from?

  3. Just looked at the photos, very good looks fab, two comments Chris is obviously eating well!!!! And am I right in saying that the water palace was in the Bond film Octopussy? I'd have thought there might have been some info had it been.