Tuesday, 6 November 2012

And so it continues.....

After the initial excitement of India and all its craziness you would have thought it would have worn thin by now. But it hasn't. We could go on about how our senses are still being assaulted at every turn with colours, smells, sights and noises that are continuing to surprise us but it still will not convey to you how incredible India is. Their marketing slogan of Incredible India is spot on.will just mention a fairly simple sight on Sunday morning while we were sat on the roof terrace of our hostel. There were brightly coloured kites all over the sky. About a foot square but very plain. No fancy tails or flaps, just a square of paper with a string dipped in some sort of fibreglass resin to make it sharp. You could hear the crack and snap as these boys of between about 6 and 12 years old all stood on the roof terraces around and made their kites duck and dive and swoop around trying to cut each others strings. It is similar to our conker games in that they score points for taking out the opposition but a bit more exciting to watch. other thing, we went to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall. What an experience. Indian cinema is brilliant. First the cost, 180 rupees (£2) to get in. Then it says the film start time is 2.40 and, guess what, the film started at 2.40. None of this 40mins of trailers for stuff you don't want or telling you turn off your phone. Oh no, we have phones ringing the whole way through, people chatting, explaining to their friends cos its in English not Hindi and unless the image was in the centre third it was out of focus. Not digital but the old projected movie with crackles and hairs and out of fit quality. We even had an intermission where virtually the whole cinema left to get drinks or pee. Then about 5 minutes before the end of the film they open all the fire exit doors and the lights coming in so they can get you out quickly for the next screening, which I think was in Hindi. Completely bonkers!

Next leg of adventure is an 8 hour train journey to Udaipur. I hope it will still excite us?  

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