Monday, 19 November 2012

Amritsar Extra

Extra, extra, read all about it….bearded ladies and girls with penises!!!

Felt the need just to say a little extra about the extra that is Amritsar. Certainly not anything we have seen anywhere else anyway.

Firstly the bearded ladies. I saw a middle aged couple walking round the Golden Temple. He was tall, heavy set, wearing a turban with a luscious black curly beard. She was shorter, still slightly rotund with an ample bosom and also had a luscious black curly beard. I did a double take, Chris didn’t see and I thought maybe, just maybe I was mistaken. That is until that evening there was group of 5 walking toward us, 4 men in usual attire, turban, beard etc. and what looked like the matriarch of the family with her head covered by a scarf  in the middle of them. What she had omitted to do was shave or cover her grey, rather shapely long beard. Again Chris missed this so we had to run down the street to get ahead of them and walk back towards them to see. They in the mean time had gone into a Sari shop, evidence enough I think, and we had to peer into the window to make sure we had seen correctly. And Chris concurred, she had a fully fledged beard!

Another peculiar sight only to Amritsar for us was waiting on the train platform when a pretty  little girl of about 5 or 6 years old, with long dark hair in a plait stood on the very edge of the platform and pee’d. that in itself is not unusual at train platforms but what was unusual was she had a cock. She stood and unzipped her fly and pee’d from a cock, not a pink shewee but a real one. We both saw this and were both a little amazed and felt it worthy of a note. I can only conclude that Amritsar has a high proportion of Hermaphrodites!!

Final note that is not really headline but is quite relevant after Chris’ tooth trouble in Jaisalmer. Walking along the dusty, busy road full of hawkers selling sweet potatoes cooking on coals, shoe shine men, stalls selling shawls and blankets, postcards and roasted peanuts when we spot a dentist. But not an ordinary dentist. This one has a rug on the side of this fumey, dusty, busy road and has his display of dentures laid out for you to choose. I must add that they are old discarded parts of other peoples dentures. The dentist was examining someones mouth as we passed by, presumably for a fitting. Chris was reluctant when I suggested he might be able to get some help with his broken tooth…I have no idea why.

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  1. Looks like Amritsar is rather different I need photographic evidence of both the unusual human experiences.tell Chris not to be an old tart and get that tooth fixed!
    H.O UK