Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stuff going on

Another day in Paradise…Well Paradise Hotel that is. Hopefully,  something quite different to that which we all hope awaits us  when we all eventually die. Today’s notable things:

A sweet, big brown eyed, three year old Indian girl walked past me today holding a mobile phone in one hand and dragging a two foot machete along the ground with the other. She didn’t smile and I got out of there before it all kicked off.

We have been watching large brown Eagles and white headed Kites riding the thermals above the palm groves. Later, whilst we were in the hotel pool we saw an eagle fly by with a plastic cup in its talons, a crow (there are hundreds of them) with a whole slice of bread speared on the centre of its beak fly past (looked like he was squinting around the edge to see where he was going).  And funniest another crow who had the last part of a Cornetto wrapper over his beak so it appeared it was a silver beak.

Two cows wandered along the beach today amongst the frolicking locals. The camel didn’t look that pleased.

A man overtook our tuk tuk on the back of a moped holding a large metal grate. It was about 5ft high and 4ft wide and he balanced it on the back of the bike and held it with spread arms behind his back. He looked as if he had been crucified upon it. Thinking about it he mayhave and could have been on his way to hospital. Nothing would surprise me here.

There was a huge storm last night and the electrics on one of the bungalows blew up. There was loads of lighting. Caught one forked one on camera. The jet ski people and boat hire company on this beach were still ferrying the locals out even though the storm raged and the lightning bolts were falling all around.

We got moved from our bungalow  to another one because we had rigged the supposedly broken air con unit to work and we were not paying for air con in our room package. They have moved us to another bungalow on the pretext that the one we were in was booked. There is an air con unit in the new onethat  looks defunct as well but with a little probing we have managed to get it to work as well. Will have to wait till this evening before we put it on or we will be told off.

Got talking to the general manager today who wants me to look at some land he owns in the backwaters with the idea of setting up a business with him. He is going to send us pictures and details. I told him things that were wrong with his hotel.

Checked online today and after two weeks have spent £550 of our budgeted £400 a week budget. This is for all our food, accommodation, train and bus travel and expenses. That means we are £250 in credit for when we hit more expensive places.

Rachel has got a red belly button. She don’t know why! She just has.

Also re looking on line found that two transactions that had been declined at a ATM in the bank of India showed up as withdrawals. Luckily I have the transaction slips so have notified VISA   hopefully will get my £255 back.It looks like the normal 6.30pm storm will be early this evening.  We have our hooch so we don’t care.

Off to Goa tomorrow which is another 300km up country. Upudi has been interesting but I wouldn’t bother putting it on your list of must go places.

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  1. Oh dear the ATM bit sounds dodgy but if your not happy that you can sort from there I will take it up if needs be. How do you reckon they accessed your account is it because you pay in the hotels by card or are the withdrawals in Stisted.... no only joking. You've had a refund from the rent and we are having monsoon weather also.