Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hotel is good. Not grass roofed but tiled and no a/c but that’s what we ordered to acclimatise. Two days and we say bugger it and upgrade. Anyway Kerala sits atop the red cliffs that overlook the beaches which loop along the coast in little rocky edged bays. The sea is warm but wild with big rollers and rip tides keeping bathers in the shallows. Highlights of last two days are us getting restaurant to get Pomfret (a tasty flatfish)in if there was any at the market.  They did and the waiter proudly chased up the road to show us the next night. We walk along the cliffs and stop for occaisional beer and come across fishermen and their families living in little more than shacks but all appear to be content. The Indians all try to make there bit of money and its all very good natured this haggling malarkey. They are so far very likable people. Today on the beach I witnessed a group of lads/blokes 16 to 23 playing, romping, fighting, laughing, singing, dancing and cavorting with such love and comraderie, such joie de vive, such a abandonment and happiness I was taken aback. They came and chatted and made a real impression on Rachel and I that they have made me think of India as a very special place. Also today, in a beach bar looking over same said beach I had Banana Lasse – Man I died and went to heaven. On a hot day overlooking the indian ocean I cannot imagine drinking anything more lovely – It’s a slightly tangy, thick shake with bananas and is served ice cold and frothy. We are still eating veggie and its all good and tasty and spicy. Pics starting to load now for those who can be bothered.

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