Wednesday, 31 October 2012


We’re in Goa and it actually feels like being on holiday. We’ve been the only white faces, or at least one of only a few, and now everything is geared up for us and our western ways. I haven’t seen an indian toilet and we’ve been here 3 days. There are even 2 air conditioned supermarkets selling everything from wine to toilet rolls, shampoo, bread and ice cream. It could almost be any European holiday destination. We have sunbathed, walked the strip (where all the men keep calling me ‘taxi’, still better than bike!) and we started our stay in a lovely hotel with fluffy towels, crisp white linen sheets, air con (of course) and a swimming pool. We did only stay 2 days as this was way over budget but it was great to get a comfy bed and restful nights sleep. We have now swapped to a little guest house on the beach road which is still a/c, has hot water, fairly comfy beds and a fridge….but half the price. We have filled our fridge with water, indian wine (not yet sampled but I’ll report on that) and peanuts from one of the supermarkets. We even have a balcony that looks out on the beach road and all of the activity there. It’s not really the season yet, that doesn’t start for a couple of weeks so there’s frantic building activity. Beach shacks being hastily erected out of bamboo and palm leaves, walls being plastered and everything being painted. It’s been difficult to find internet connections and more especially wifi. I think that may be because this is more touristy and still out of  season so they are not connected yet.

Not really much else to report except I have to say that the reason we picked the rather grandly named  ‘Alexandras Tourist Centre’ to stay for our last 2 nights is because Mrs Alexandra looks like an older Indian Pam! She is so sweet but still a tough one to haggle with even charging us 10 rupees for a photo copy that she needs to send to the police!! So Ron and Pam, if you get to Candolim you have to come and say hello. She’s a bit camera shy but I will try and get her photo and post it on the gallery.

Another golden sunset at the end of another golden day


  1. You only posted the picture of the Royal Enfield to wind me up didn't you. Well I don't want you to ship one back to UK so there!!! Love the picture of the cracked path,'elf and safety would have a ball over there. That sunset is fantastic are you sure you haven't just pinched it from off the internet it looks to professional to me.
    H.O. UK

    1. i do the photos, Chris does the words. say no more.

    2. Much prefer the photos ;o)

  2. So-took week off work, got supplies in, hunkered down on Gary's (comfy) sofa and devoted our lives to catching up with you 2. Sounds amazing. You definitely have a book in the making there Chris. From our limited experience of India we can get a basic feel for the general filth, cow/pig wanderings, colours, disorganised attitude (she of course means happy (stoned), carefree, non-materialistic idyll). But what friendly people. (apart from 3 year olds with machetes).
    We would recommend the Indian champagne - nearly as cheap as the bottled water, tastes pretty good (after the first couple) and packs a float. Does tend to rob one of afternoons though. even got us talking about marriage (and that's me writing).
    Next comment, next time Mel is made redundant and we have time.
    Sounds like you are doing a great job of changing the image of the Brits abroad - keep it up, someone has to do it.
    We miss you 2-who will we sledge with this year? Anyway where do you think you'll be spending Christmas day?
    Lots of love Melanie and Gary XXX Let us know if you're up for a Skype anytime
    Are you hitched yet? (that was Gary. He needs some support).