Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing - Louis Armstrong?

Rachel and I got up at 6.30am today and went down to the beach to watch the fishermen pull in their catch for the day. Amazing to watch and privilege to be allowed to join in.  The net is taken out to sea by boat about 300 metres. At either end of the net is rope that is fed back to shore where two teams of men  - approx. 13 either side haul the net in over the period of about 1 hour. I joined one of these teams which consisted of men of all different ages the most marked being a 65 year old man with two brown buck teeth a blind eye and set of pecs and ab muscles that would put most 20 year olds to shame.  As the net gets closer to the beach the men move closer together causing the net to form  a steep sided U shape. All is performed whilst chanting and shouting recriminations at one another about lack of effort being put in. Once the ropes have been hauled in so that the ends of the net are at the break water point a person is assigned to either end to splash and make a noise to discourage fish from  escaping around the ends. As the net gets closer more and more men are assigned to splashing on the beach side of the net to scare the fish towards the net. The last few minutes of the procedure is fairly frenetic to ensure the catch does not escape and is pulled up onto the sand. Here swearing and recriminations continue depending on the size of the catch. In today,s there were five sharks (about 800mm long) and thousands of 100mm silver fish that will be sold to along the length of Varkala. All this hard work (taking pictures can take take it out of a girl) we go back to bed till 11.00 – it’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it! In fairness the heat makes us both so tired so today is going to be a bit more of lying on a beach, eating and drinking. Pic below see more on gallery


  1. I guess you'll be having fish tonight!! Well the idea of hauling in your own supper sounds like fun. As you said Rachel had the hard part taking the photos.
    UK Head Office

  2. Just taken a look at the pictures they're great especially the close up on tge grey haired bloke hauling in the net, I reckon he would look better blond :o)
    From Guess who?