Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Divinity in a turban

You will not believe the depths of self deprecation, generosity, openess of heart and camraderie that thediminutive, sub-continental christ has sank to now!

So last blog i think he was going to give us a cooking demo. Well he lied basically. Instead he used the food i paid for (Red snapper, 1 kilo prawns, Kerrala rice and coconut milk) and added it to various other spices, and food stuffs such as popadoms, dahl and spices and created a meal along with his nephew for the whole house. It was lovely and a pleasant evening witht he smell of a curiously relaxing tobacco and spices hanging in the air.

The following morning we raised ourselves at 7.00am in order to be collected at 8.00am at 8.40am and we driven by a completely insane taxi driver through the busy morning streets to meet and equally mad busdriver that was drove through even busier steets at breakneck speed causing bikes, pedestrians and tuk tuks to scatter.

Anyway we spent the day on a house boat with a few other people tundling around the beautiful backwaters of kerala. The water is fresh and slow flowing with lush palm groves butting up to the shore line on either side. The sun was warm with a gentle breeze stirring the air enough to make the whole deal quite pleasant just letting the scenery all slip by. Lunch was, not surprisingly a curry which we washed down with alcoholic coconut tree sap. Later we were driven to another location and were punted on narrow canoes along canals through the palms past small homesteads with lizards, kingfishers and water snakes appearing around every bend.

The journey back was even more manic with a 'dual' scenario going on with a major busload of children behind us who eventually overtook us in a high street when we were overtaking a tuk tuk and oncoming traffic was forced to swerve and brake. Absolutely fucking mad! The lot of them!

Saint Siyad had been preparing a meal all day to return the favour for us buying the previous evenings food. And we were served up a lovely meal of Mahi mahi (a large fish), vegetable curry, chipattis, etc etc. Valentino (Nice young french guy with indian girlfriend Badisha - who he seems to constantly be biffing (our room is next door to theirs)) brought beers, we brought some cakes and once again we had a great evening with chatting drinking and eating. A new couple (but not actually a couple) called steve and Kate arrived and added to the conversation which queen Marta a depressive portugese leach drama queen did her best to suppress.

Today his holiness Siyad took us to the Banana Market because he thought we would like it. Miserable Marta tagged along but did not speak and just operated her mobile from which she was probably depressing people long distance. Anyway we enjoyed it and laughed and joked with the sellers, bananans packers and hauliers as they bustled around doing their thing.

I had said to the bloody celestial one that we were having trouble booking a train so straight after he ran us in his tuk tuk to a booking agent to get it sorted. Which he did. In return he allowed us to buy him breakfast and he actually had something that was the cheapest on the menu.

Just got back from a yoga class which lasted 2.5 hours and was loody brilliant and will be leaving this holy place tomorrow. God i will miss our lovely host! He has been something of an inspiration in calmness and has truly reached a state of contentment.



  1. I will be the first commenter. Sounds like you are having a ball, I like the thought of the curiously relaxing tobacco perhaps you could bring some back with you when you return! So your train for the next legs is booked now then? Have fun, speak to you soon.
    UK head office.

  2. PJ I know how you are in touch with your feminine side - Maybe soon we can get a girlie perspective on the whole thing - i.e let Rachel have a para here and there!! XX

  3. Rachris is this bloody comment getting thro to you as every other one I've done hasn't..... You seem to be enjoying yourselves even if he can still sh@t himself without a gut full of beer, unlike the old days.....

  4. Wahoo it worked I'm not the technophobe I thought I was... Whilst you went to India we went to Alderburgh in the Brudenel hotel and probably spent in a night what you guys will in a month.....was good though.
    Getting a little sickly with you (Chris) waxing lyrical I think we get the drift now just get to the facts and tell me what the beers like, are the steaks thick and please tell me you're not wearing a sarong!!!!!!